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True Value Homes (TVH), initiated in1997,is a premier engineering, Construction, and project Management Company. The brainchild of a group Of civil engineers, TVH is the synergy of decades of experience, expertise and innovation. A professionally managed company, the foundation of TVH is the desire to innovate and improve.

TVH has an unparalleled commitment to quality,a keen focus on customer satisfaction and reputation for adhering to globally acknowledged standards. TVH has created many edifices of unsurpassed distinction, using a vast network Of well-acclaimed architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers many of whom have been national-level award winners and dedicated to delivering quality.

The backbone of TVH is the highly competent pool of human resources. from sub-contractors to senior architects,TVH employs some of the best engineering talent in the industry with a commitment to ensuring the highest Standards of quality in all operating practices. An equal opportunity company, TVH pays equivalent to all areas of employment and provides an environment that focuses on comprehensive employee development, helping each one utilize their potential and achieve their objectives.

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